Local Projects Enabled by Local Supporters

One of the key purposes of the Black Down and Hindhead Supporters group is to fund important local projects that lie outside the reach of the National Trust’s central budgets.

Members’ subscriptions and donations go directly to enhancing our local sites.  Set out below are a few examples of projects which would not have been possible without the help of the local Supporters.


New ponies for the Punchbowl

Natural conservation grazing
Photo: James Traynor

The Black Down & Hindhead National Trust supporters are gradually purchasing more ponies to help with the important task of conservation grazing across the Devil’s Punchbowl.  The faithful old herd has been diminishing in recent years, so new young ponies are being introduced over a period of a few years to bring a more balanced age structure.

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Punchbowl Viewpoint

A long-standing feature

This beautiful, locally-crafted sculpture was installed many years ago by the Supporters and still serves to highlight to visitors the contours of the special nature reserve that spans out in front of them while standing at the Punchbowl viewpoint.

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